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Could your pillow be ruining your sleep?

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The shape of your pillow may not sound like a problem that needs solving. After all, it’s been the same way for a very long time! But is a standard flat pillow (or two) really fit for purpose? Do modern design techniques and understanding of the human body mean we can do a better job?

poor sleep stiff neck

The scale of the problem

2 out of 3 people suffer neck pain at some point in their lives and one survey found that 1 in 4 women (and 1 in 5 men) aged between 45-75 are currently experiencing neck pain. Poor pillow support is cited as a contributing factor, the result of which is discomfort and poor sleep. In fact poor sleep can affect anyone and the consequences are well reported and very significant.

A flat pillow has been the standard for centuries, but does it actually reflect the needs of the human body? After all, the back of our head and neck is not a flat surface, our neck is curved and a pillow should reflect this. A head held too high when back sleeping can cause muscle and ligament strain. It can also tilt the head forward, closing off the airways, increasing the risk of snoring. And what about side sleepers? Heads held too low when side sleeping can cause the head to droop down, putting pressure on the shoulder and straining the neck. Further details are on offer here.

What’s wrong with your Pillow?

There is a fundamental issue that most pillows do not address. Most people change positions in the night and shift on average 11 times (even those that insist they never move!) A flat pillow simply does not cater to people who sleep in multiple positons.

Ergonomic measurements and experiments with different supports have shown us what a truly modern pillow should look like. Did you know for instance that when switching from your back to your side an additional 10cm in height is required to keep the head in the optimal position? And that the head only needs to be 2-4 centimetres high when lying on your back (with an additional 1.5 centimetres to support the curve of the neck)?

What should a modern pillow look like?

A handful of specialist pillows now exist that offer optimum support regardless of the position you are in. These are growing in popularity as people start to see the benefits of this ‘multi position’ support and the reviews are excellent. But they do have their drawbacks. They are expensive, they require specialist covers (meaning you need to ditch your nice bedding sets) and you have no control over preferences like softness or stuffing material. Two popular examples are and

At Beda Bedding we feel we have found a far superior alternative. Our Ergonomic Pillow Booster works with your pillow, rather than replacing it. You simply place it under your existing pillow to achieve the ergonomic multi position support you actually need. No need to pay a high price for specialist devices, no need to throw away your favourite pillow or bedding.

More details of our design and the benefits are available on our website Perhaps it’s time you treated yourself to a more comfortable pillow and a more restful night’s sleep?

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