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About us - Advanced Neck Pillow Solutions | Better sleep in any position

A normal sleeping pillow is a compromise. Too high when resting on your back, and too low when resting on your sides. Both of these scenarios can cause muscle and ligament strain around the neck and shoulder, resulting in poor rest, stiffness and soreness.  
Research has shown that pillows that offer suitable support, specific to the user's sleeping position, can reduce neck strain and improve rest. However most people change positions whilst sleeping. A pillow that offers the correct level of support whether a user is on their back or side is the best solution.
Our patented device combats this by working in conjunction with a your normal pillow by being placed underneath, all at the fraction of the cost of a specialist pillow.
When lying on your back the lower central section holds your head at the correct height and the neck support gently cradles the curvature of your spine, keeping your head level and helping to open up the airwaves
When sleeping on your side you use the higher outer pads, raising your head to avoid compressing your shoulder and neck
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